Pricing and Services for Longarm Quilting

You may find the following information helpful as you consider using Stitches by Stiles for your Longarm quilting needs.

Prepare Your Quilt

Your TOP is ready when...

  • Threads are clipped
  • It is pressed and square

Your BACKING is ready when...

  • It is at least 3" larger than your top all around (length + 6", width + 6")
  • It is pressed and square
  • You have removed the selvages

Your BATTING is ready when...

  • It is at least 3" larger than your top all around (length + 6", width + 6")
  • Note: I have Quilter's Dream batting available for purchase or you may provide your own.

Choose Your Services

Edge-to-edge (all over) quilting / Freehand stippling

$.0125 — .0175 per square inch

Square up backing


Seam and square up backing


Prepare and attach binding to quilt (for finishing by hand)


Hand sew binding to the back of the quilt


Calculate Your Costs

Use this information to determine the cost of the quilting. There is a minimum charge of $35.00. If you would like a detailed estimate before sending a quilt, please contact me.

To calculate the cost of quilting...

  • Multiply the width and length of your quilt in inches to get square inches.
  • Multiply the number of square inches by cost per square inch to get the cost of quilting.

EXAMPLE: You have a 60" x 60" quilt you want freehand stippled. Multiply width and length to get 3600 square inches and multiply 3600 by the service cost to get $54.

60 in.

x 60 in.


x $.015

3600 sq. inches


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Notes on Thread and Shipping

I use Superior thread on all quilts. Threads are complimentary. Please be aware that extra fullness, ripples, and puckers can't be "quilted out."

$20 Flat Rate Shipping: Have your quilt packaged, shipped, and delivered to your door for $20 within the domestic US. Contact me for a shipping quote outside the US. I use USPS, Fed Ex, and UPS. If you have a preferred shipping method, I will certainly use it.